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Your Ticket Engine

Emission, access control, redial, receipt, exchange, refund and payment.

Increase revenue

with a multi-channel solution, integrated with the means of payment and marketplace, helping companies reach new market opportunities.
Reduce deployment cost
with easy integration into existing systems and sites.
Improve end-user experience
allows end users the freedom to change, change status notifications and share information.
Integrated platforms
Become an integrated partner and increase your sales!
Multi-channel sales
Internet, desktop or mobile, through POS terminals, physical sales, by authorized partners or marketplace.
We take security seriously by adopting best data security practices, using state-of-the-art digital certificates, database redundancy, protection layers, proactive and predictive monitoring by statistical analysis.
Full Process Control
Inclusion, exchange, refund, cancellation, audit history, delivery control. All with guarantee of data consistency.
Custom Rules
Custom rules can be created that ensure consistency and minimum data requirements directly on our platform.
Management reports
Real-time reporting for management control based on customizable dashboards.
With the OctoPass API you can integrate with a lightweight and easy to use interface. With this it is possible to register events, services or products, manage inventory, prices, be notified of the status of requisitions, among many other things.
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